Hero Homes Sector 104 – 1099 Sq. Ft. 2 BHK Apartment

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Location Advantage

  • Bang on Dwarka Expressway
  • 20 mins IGI Airport
  • 5 mins from Leading schools
  • 15 mins from NH 8
Deals ends in:

Original price was: ₹7,080,000.00.Current price is: ₹6,980,000.00.

  1. Lifestyle Condominium Complex: The property is a condominium complex designed to offer a luxurious lifestyle experience.
  2. Lavish Entrance: The entrance is beautifully landscaped with dense green spaces and unique water features, creating an aesthetically pleasing and welcoming atmosphere.
  3. Expansive Club House: The complex boasts a club house with approximately 25,000 square feet of space, providing residents with access to various amenities and recreational facilities.
  4. Specialized Club Operator: A specialized club operator is in charge of managing and curating offerings within the club to cater to affluent lifestyle preferences, ensuring high-quality services and experiences.
  5. Interactive Outdoor Spaces: The outdoor areas are thoughtfully designed with uniquely landscaped zones, encouraging residents to enjoy and engage with the environment.

Site Advantage:

  1. 85% Open & Green Area: The complex features a significant amount of open and green spaces, ensuring a lush and natural environment for residents to enjoy.
  2. No Vehicular Movement on the Surface: The design avoids vehicular movement on the surface, which can reduce noise, improve safety, and contribute to a more peaceful and pedestrian-friendly environment.
  3. Tower Alignment as per Sun Movement Analysis: The orientation of the towers is carefully planned based on a sun movement analysis, likely to optimize natural light and energy efficiency within the apartments.
  4. All Apartments Are Green Facing: All the apartments in the complex are positioned to face the green areas, providing residents with scenic views and a connection to nature.


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